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Three hundred

This is going to be short and sweet because I am so late to the party with it. I have wanted to post on it for a while, ever since seeing it and then reading Jason and Ed’s posts on it, but other things got in the way. I think I’ll be ahead of the curve for the DVD release though, yeah?

I found the premise of writing a graphic novel about this event in history to be quite novel. I mean, how exactly did Frank Miller get about doing this as a project? This is a guy better known to the masses for Sin City, Robocop, Batman (comics) and Tank Girl (heh… well, the original work was better than the flick. Oh where have you gone Lori Petty?). I’m sure I could do some research on the web for this, but I’m a lazy blogger today and like I said, short and sweet.

And, again, being lazy (and potentially dumb to do so), I’m going to go off what I remember as th... Continue reading »

Year in consumables: 2006 movies

Casino Royale teaser posterContinuing my late entry into the traditional year-end slash year-in-review lists, I present my list of flicks for 2006.

If you are interested in my list of music, then click that link and I promise my list of games will be out later this week. If I don’t have it done by the end of February, then why bother?

Whether it be in the theater or on DVD, I hardly took in any movies this past year. To that end, I actually reopened my Netflix account two weeks ago, but that doesn’t help this list. I think I am going to start logging movies I have flixed as such on the blog because it might be interesting to track how many I actually take in over the course of a year… well, interesting to me anyway.

I’m going to give you a top five, but that’s not saying much since I probably only saw ten movies... Continue reading »

Superman Returns

Superman Returns teaser posterI am having a hard time deciding how I want to write this up, so I’m just going to start writing and see what happens. I have stated before that I don’t care if I spoil things without warning or not in my reviews, but I actually gave it a thought while watching Superman Returns. On one hand, I want to throw out what I thought about everything, but that means spoilers. On the other, I want to preserve the experience for anyone who has not yet seen the film.

Okay, after writing that first, it seems obvious what I have to do… spoil everything, but I’ll at least warn you. Yeah, I think you are down with that and I’ll try to keep the spoilage towards the end so that you aren’t just reading this fluff at the top.

Whoa, wait… speaking of fluff — allow me a quick tangent — I found a number of interesting Superman posters while googling for the lead in teaser p... Continue reading »

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta movie poster

It might seem like I am following the Joe model on Scooby Speak; blowing my load of content all at once and taking a rest instead of pacing myself with a steady stream. That’s not the case. I am in fact trying to make up for a couple weeks earlier in May when I didn’t post much of anything. Unfortunately, I am doing so with content that is basically stale before it hits the blogosphere since these movies are long gone from the local plex.

At least with V for Vendetta, I have good reason to have not posted earlier on it. After taking in the movie, I decided I wanted to read the graphic novel so that I might understand why Alan Moore wanted his name removed from the movie, per his usual M.O. So, it took me a while to finally remember to pick up the GN and then about a week to finally get thru it, not that the reading was slow mind you. Anyway, I completed that a c... Continue reading »