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Year in consumables: 2009 movies

Star Trek posterEvery year it seems I debate how to approach this list. Is it based on the movies from the year that I actually viewed during that year? Any movie I viewed that year? Any movie that came out in that year that I have seen as of the date this is posted?

Traditionally it is the first of those choices and I double checked last year’s post and that’s what I did. I guess I can stick with tradition, but it kind of sucks. I can tell you right now that the best movie I watched during 2009 was Slumdog Millionaire, but that came out in late 2008. The best movie I have seen from 2009 was The Hurt Locker, but that was this past January (2010). Both would top the list for their given year of release, but that’s not how I am doing the list. That’s the rub.

Besides Locker, I have also watched eight other movies from 2009 this year, and yes, some of those wou... Continue reading »

Flixd: nine

Lots of new releases in the list this month. I lined up Monday returns to score new releases for Tuesday. There are still some older flicks in here too as I am still in the middle of that. Those are almost all gone now though. I expect that I’ll be thru with that by November.

Thoughts and heads only. Oh, and I have an idea on linking the two for next time. What if I write one sentence per head? That could be an interesting exercise as I was a bit too wordy this month. Not overly wordy I don’t think though. You tell me. Continue reading »

Flixd: four

I am happy that this month swung more back to the mindless entertainment category and away from the chick flicks of last month. There’s really only one here at the end, but two seasons of The Hills kinda makes up a lot of hours, so… yeah…

Same rules apply as the others in the series. These are not reviews, just thoughts and heads.

I actually watched this in March — probably would have helped offset another chick flick — but forgot to put it in that one because I went off my Netflix list and I borrowed the Blu-ray off my boss. Nothing but a Will Smith popcorn flick and that wasn’t surprising because by all accounts that was the billing when it released, but I expect more from a Peter Berg helmed pic. Continue reading »

Telefizzled w.19

Weekly schedule is getting pretty full. Time to trim some fat again? Maybe.

Chuck: I don’t think I have ever seen anything in 3D that impressed me. Ever. I am guessing I am not the only one either. To me, in order to pull it off at all, things are added or adjusted to accommodate the gimmick, so it not only looks bad, it is bad. Now, I didn’t have any 3D glasses to watch with, so I had to endure the episode with a lot of RGB fuzz/halo around different people and objects throughout. It might not have been as bothersome in standard definition, but in high definition it was very annoying. I wish they’d just let this alone. As for the story, well it wasn’t a great one. I thought they just blew over explanation from Sarah about killing the Fulcrum dude so much that it didn’t seem important at all. It seemed like it was going to be to Chuck, but maybe not much past 44 minutes. I think it is clear that Dominic Monaghan can only play two characters: a rocker and a hobbit. I suggest he stick with the second one. Also, this guy is an uggo. I don’t un... Continue reading »