May 2006

This is a list of posts published in May 2006.

Happy Birthday Aria

Continuing the new tradition, I have posted some pictures of Aria to my flickr photostream. Since she is turning one today, I don’t have a lot and I also had to *borrow* some from Ed’s flickr and a Kodak gallery Andi set up from Saturday. Of course, Ed has posted another excellent birthday tribute for his daughter.

Colin and Aria celebrated their birthday’s with friends and family and I was the designated photographer for cake and presents. As I joked in a flickr comment, I need to get some original copies for my portfolio that will eventually go under the Visual section of this here bloggy blog.

It was a fun party. I also had the pleasure of heading out there a day earlier to help Ed with some yard chores (no one lost a limb this time) and putting together some gifts. We had a tough time with a kid-sized picnic table and I said this was just like Christmas Eve except it wasn’t, I wasn’t anyone’s Dad and we weren’t half in the bag. We eventually worked it out in time to meet up with Joe to see X3.

X-Men: The Last Stand

X-Men: The Last Stand posterThere’s a lenghty conversation slash commentation going on over at Scooby Speak about the third film in the X-Men series. I dropped a comment there, but I wanted to expound more over here for a few reasons: I haven’t posted something in a few days, I want to drop spoilers and I’m going to try my hand at this review thing.

Of course, I can’t write a review for crap because I’m not ed-u-ma-cated enough to do that kind of thing. Nah, I think I’ll leave that to the experts like Ed and Jason (even though he still claims he’s not writing reviews and is no expert… feh). So, I’m... Continue reading »

Subway + Ad = Animation

So, I meant to drop an Aside here about something I saw for the first time while riding the MBTA Red Line last week. The discussion that Ed and Jason are having about alternative forms of advertising in the Network Upfronts comments reminded me of this.

Anyway, as we were moving thru the dark tunnel, I noticed lighted ads started flying by the windows for the new Lexus ES350. That’s something new, but the very cool thing was they were lined up in such a way so that as we sped by they would change after you had enough time to read the words. Using a 40-50 mph moving train as an ad animation mechanism in a dark subway tunnel. A very innovative idea for new advertising. I wonder how many signs and lights were required to pull it off. Just plain cool.

More Manny Being Manny

Manny Being MannySo I went to the Sox game again last night and they unfortunately lost to the Spankees despite another poor start by Randy Johnson. A highlight for the Sox was Manny continuing his hot streak by swatting two homers to make 4 in 3 games against the Yankees.

Hopefully this has quieted his critics who, prior to the series, were complaining that he has been unproductive despite being second in the league in walks and having a higher average at this time than last year when he also had a slow start. However, everyone wants to point at his higher strikeout rate and lack of home runs and RBI. Of course, as I write this, he’s 0-3 with a BB against Tampa…

Truth be told, he’s off to a great start this year as far as I am concerned. He’s been playing a great left-field and running out of the box. Okay, so there was one night I remember he had a bad baserunning blunder and yes, last night he ran thru a stop sign by Hale, but still... Continue reading »

Pre-surgery Pwning

I thought this was an interesting article on surgeons using video games for warm-ups. Let them get the killing out of the way in the virtual world so as to avoid it in the real one, especially if you are the patient! Of course, Mook will request that his surgeon warm up with Katamari Damacy

The Future is Hot

When you read things like this, it should make you stop and think about becoming a tree-hugger. It also makes you realize that those of us who consider ourselves pretty smart, aren’t so smart because there are people in the World so much smarter than you and they work on things that matter. It’s too bad we’ll never make it to that Star Trek Utopia on Earth deal. Well, maybe we will if we blow ourselves up first too…

Asshats in the Outfield

I am bummed out to have to write a sequel to this post, but the asshats have demanded it. Yes, I attended my second Sox game of the year tonight and it was against the hated Yankees. Schilling took the hill against Chien-Ming Wang. Do you see where this is going?

Okay, so yes, it is a Yankee game and folks are more liquored up and passionate than for a Seattle Mariners game, but come on! Okay, I can’t help it… that just set up for a joke about an activity being suggested at that Mariners game. I swear, it just happened!

Anyway, we know everyone hates the Yankees, right? How does the chant go? Yankees Stink… no, that’s not quite it… So, yes, most folks are rev’d up for some extra razzing. Sure, tell Bernie Williams he’s old and his guitar playing stinks because he can’t hear it anymore... Continue reading »

Water Everywhere

In celebration of all the damn rain we have had around these parts over the past week, I decided to upload some pictures of waterfalls. I took these on a trip to Portland Oregon the Summer of 2002. There are numerous waterfalls along the Columbia River Highway which runs the Columbia River Gorge. I picked some of the best shots and created a photoset in my flickr photostream. You can leave comments here or on the pictures at flickr.

This kind of water beats it flowing into your basement any day. I have to pee now…

Superman Returns Trailer

Superman Returns Teaser poster

If you haven’t seen the new trailer, do yourself a favor and watch it right now. Don’t worry, the crappy blog will still be here if you come back…

Barry Hit 616

So, Barry finally hit 714 and tied the Babe. Patrick Hruby argues he hit 616 over on Page 2 of I’d have to agree. I wanted to do some math and figure out how many he might have hit without the juice for my original post, but was way lazy. Hruby and friends have done it for me and you know what? The math adds up for me.