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Not Rocktober… Soxtober!

Not that you had time to notice, but the Colorado club fancied October as Rocktober. I think they may have succeeded in copyrighting or trademarking it. Well, we all knew it was really Soxtober, right? No one gave up on the (tied-for) best team in baseball, right?

Well, I can’t figure out if I did or not. I’m thinking not… or, at least not like in the 2004 ALCS. Yeah, I skipped watching a couple games against the Tribe, but one was on purpose and another because of work (the 2nd Beckett gem). I did see Game 6 though and of course, Game 7 following Mookie’s wedding.

Anyway, there wasn’t much doubt as soon as they got passed Cleveland. The Rox were on an incredible run, but you knew it would end when they reached an AL team, no? I never thought they were going to beat the Jake Peavy and the Padres in the one game playoff. Then I thought they’d meet their match in the just-as-hot Phillies, but no, the swept those fools. The Diamondbacks?... Continue reading »


What a weekend!

(Now, what a week too!)

I started writing this post on Monday night, but I got sidetracked by one of the topics, which I will get to in a minute. Funny thing about the post was everything (five things) revolves around the word shock, hence the title shocking. I find it even funnier that an event happened on Tuesday to add a sixth, so the word of the month is now shocking. Anyway, I’m trimming some of the fat since I have more to add on…

I was going to talk further about the Pat’s spying scandal because some of the other information that came out during the weekend (losing draft pick(s)?!, leak of tape, even more penalties if Belichick doesn’t turn over all data), but there is just too much and I am just too sick of it all. Now, don’t we have the Mangenius being accused of something by the Ravens? Oh, and can we stop referring to every scandal as a “Gate”? It was just Watergate. Let it go already! Anyway, I’ll just leave this one as disappointing on many angles, but particularly because it tarnishes,... Continue reading »

Perfect (short-term) Fit

Pap gets hazed (click for original photo source/location)

It’s a rare thing, but I am going to disagree with The Sports Guy on this one… even if I like the “baby-faced assassin” line.

While Jon Papelbon has been lights out this year, he needs to be in the rotation next year. How does the law firm of Schilling, Beckett, Wakefield, Papelbon and Lester sound for 2007?

At least get him there at the start and see what Craig Hansen does. Simmons will change his mind when the LA crack wears off…

Wild Thing

I haven’t watched many Sox games on TV yet this year, so this is kind of a surprise to me, but it seems Papelbon has *won* a bet with Youk. I wonder what Youk had to do as the loser…

UPDATE: More about that bet here.