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Spambino ale

I prefer my April Fool’s jokes to be something that actually fools people, or rather, me, but that can be pretty hard when you read everything on the day with a grain of salt. That said, some are better than others in trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Anyway, I wasn’t going to follow up my previous aside with anything when I wrote it, but after a night of drinking tonight, I feel the need. So, let me start with what I culled from the internets today, and believe me, I wasn’t looking real hard, or really, at all…

Towel. Thrown.

buy the Red Sox towel set on mlb.comAs blog is my witness, the towel has now officially been thrown.

You may remember that Ed and I were to go to the game last night (Sunday) and so we did. We arrived to the Fenway area about 2 1/2 hours before gametime so that we might get a bite to eat and enjoy a few brews at Boston BeerWorks. Well, the line for the place was insane, so we headed over to Game On. This worked out pretty well as we walked right in and the wait for a table was only an hour. Probably the same wait at BBW, but it would have taken us a good 20-30 minutes to get in the door. Thus, I suffered thru drinking Corona instead of Haymarket Hef.

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Mr. Clutch, Manny and The Kid

Jon LesterI pretty much spent the weekend at or around Fenway Park. I had tickets to both games of Saturday’s day-night doubleheader against the Texas Rangers. Of course, Mother Nature had other plans for me, because so far this Spring she has Boston confused for the Pacific Northwest.

Mother wanted me to spend half my day at Boston Beer Works getting reaquainted with their excellent Haymarket Hefeweizen and menu. I guess this was fine for me, but it threw other people’s plans into a blender. I had Ed lined up for the night game and Noelle was gracious enough to go to the day game after Joe and Jay couldn’t do it. Thanks to Noelle and her beer choice, I noticed for the first time that BBW’s excellent blueberry beer is actually named Bunker Hill Bluebeery Ale. I have probably been going there for around eight years now and I just noticed that. There’s fun in the minutae of a day I guess.

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