June 2008

This is a list of posts published in June 2008.

Scooper bowl

Let’s take the lactose intolerant kid to the Scooper Bowl.

Sounds like a good plan to me. Really.

Okay, so maybe not a good plan, but it happened nonetheless… and no, I didn’t explode or anything like that. I probably should have planned ahead and gotten some of those pills that suppress it or whatever, but I’ve never used them before, so why start now? Right?

Anyway, I finally got to experience my first Scooper Bowl now that I work in Boston full-time. I’m not real sure why they don’t do this over a weekend, maybe a Friday-Sunday instead of a Tuesday-Thursday, but whatevs. It is for a good cause — $8 goes to the Jimmy Fund all you can eat goes in your stomach — and I’m sure they had plenty of takers. Sure was packed enough when Noelle and I hit it up on the Wednesday night… two weeks ago! (Yes, I am late in writing about this, but more on that later.)

that's 10 cups kidsSo, if you want the stats, I got 10 scoops down — they give you... Continue reading »

Lego vault

This link made my day and I found it quite by accident on the del.icio.us homepage this afternoon. I was grabbing the del.icio.us Firefox extension at work and happened upon it. (I’m an Engadget guy, not a Gizmodo guy.)

Anyway, the story is cool, but the really cool and happy part is the Lego set that set off the author. I think that was my second Lego set ever and the one I thought of as soon as I started reading the article. To my surprise as I continued to scroll down, there it was. What are the odds? The first one I had is also featured in the gallery.

Blocks from those sets are still in my possession. They make up a small bit of the helicopter I still have… the last original Lego creation of mine before I retired. I dontated all the leftover blocks, a crapload of them, to a friend’s little brother my freshman year of college.

Buh bye

Won’t have to hear that much longer… unless she turns up on ESPN.

That’s right, Hazel Mae is goners. Buh bye bombs. She might have burst onto the scene four years ago, but she became old news in my book soon after. By burst, I mean I never cared about her until that Fever Pitch premiere dress she was wearing. That was the event, right? Yup, I found myself prone to become a typical male and stare in awe at her… well… you know. It was quickly downhill from there.

Anyway, shocked to read that she dated doughboy Steve Levy… was she trying to sleep her way into ESPN? Leave it to the Inside Track to give us the good stuff. Ricky Davis? Really? Huh… wait a minute… did Perez Hilton take over this blog???

I find it funny that I got to that Herald story from bos... Continue reading »

RRoD roundup

Well, even though it didn’t matter that much, the second go around with Microsoft’s Xbrick 360 replacement program was smoother than the first. For the most part, it was always informative in what was going on and it was certainly a bit faster. That said, I thought I’d post a little wrapup/roundup for the heck of it. I mean, if I end up using it, it will die again and I’ll have a third opportunity to evaluate the process…

Anyway, it didn’t matter as much because I did go out the day after mine died and pick up a newer Arcade model with the Falcon chip and HDMI port. While I don’t think it is any quieter than the older one, it has been nicer with the HDMI, except for the ghosting, but that is only when I turn it off, never in gameplay, and I think that has more to do with now using HDMI over Component cables as I never noticed it prior to that… so, whatevs. This one has a newer DVD drive too, but it seems to spin just as loud as... Continue reading »

Lost: There’s No Place Like Home

So, to echo the end of my comments on Ed’s excellent (as always) post on his site:

Overall, loved this episode. Thought it was really well done in connecting some dots and opening up some new questions. Strike be damned, this season was very, very strong.

It is going to be a long wait for next season.

Oh… hands down: Kate.