Year in consumables: 2010 music (so far)

I can’t seem to come up with anything better than (so far) in the title for these half-year-ish posts. “To date” seems so starchy or vanilla or something. And, that is soooo not what 2010 has been so far in the musics. So many good albums have already dropped and I definitely need to do this list so I can keep up my thoughts. I am pretty sure the end of the year list of the Top 10 is going to be brutal to pull together. At least that is how it feels. Time will tell.

As for now, no ranking anything. Just going to throw out what has been great and maybe tack on a list of the rest as to make my follow-up easier to write. That end of the year follow up that is sure to drop in the March or April timeframe…

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Year in consumables: 2010 movies (so far)

Last year I chose to cover movies I watched on a monthly basis in a Flixd series and planned to continue that this year, but I fell a bit behind and then felt like I wasn’t watching quite as many movies per month as last year. Of course, the television season had something to do with that, but also a bit more gaming at the start of this year than last.

However, I figured why not do a mid-year catch up post instead and then see what happens. Which then also leads me to thinking I should do the same for music–a lot of great discs have already dropped this year–and games.┬áSo, here is the first installment, although I’m not so sure about the name.

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Marine week

V-22 Osprey

Marine Week Boston is/was May 3-9 2010 and I checked out the displays on Boston Common May 5th. Mainly wanted to get a good look at the V-22 Osprey. It was sweet. Too bad I didn’t have time to stand in line to walk-thru, but I was on a lunch break. Anyway, those things are boring until you get up to the cockpit anyway. I imagine it had the usual s-load of switches and a lot of multi-function LCD panels. Anyway, maybe next time my friend.

So, if you ever wanted to hold a grenade launcher, man a tank turret or climb into the cockpit of a Cobra gunship, this was the place for you. Sorry you missed it. I didn’t do any of that either. The little kid in me screamed to hold an M4 or that sick grenade launcher, you know, with the rotary magazine. (Sick!) Or, lay down with a Barrett M82 sniper rifle. Continue reading »

Lost: The Candidate

Okay, really back in the flow now. Speculation abounds! (I seriously posted a lot of comments on this one.) I guess that’s what happens when you kill 2 main characters, 1 supporting character and lots more Widemore red-shirts. Plus, Kate got shot and Sawyer got bonked on the head. Lights out son! Seriously though, my thoughts over there are a bit more well stated than these. I’m just filling some space here in the hopes that you will click that link to go over there. And lastly, to get to this: bullet-hole Kate. Oh, what, you thought fish-food Sun? Meh…honestly, not much going on with the ladies in this one. But, that thing about the next Jacob not being a woman certainly seems to have come to pass.

Lost: The Last Recruit

I somehow got sucked back in to writing comments again because this marked two weeks in a row. I think maybe because they seem to be shaking the rust off and finally getting down to business. Took long enough. Or maybe it was just because writing that April Fools post kick started me in the ass. Whichever you like. And, since I am back, we’ll go with Illana; attorney-at-large. Va-va-voom!

Year in consumables: 2009 music

Metric: FantasiesDoes the music post have different rules than the games or movies post? Of course it does. But, that changes this year. In the past, it has allowed for the ranking of anything that I picked up during the year while the list in the Audio pages for that year would only rank stuff from that year. No more.

The list that appears here will strictly be of albums released during that year. Like the past, this list won’t change, but the one in the Audio pages may, and likely will, if the past is any indication. That said, I will... Continue reading »

Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo

Oh, so in that faux-Lost review that I posted over on The Ed Zone for April Fools, I included a cry for getting Hurley some love. Well, that wasn’t exactly on accident that I did that because I knew that this episode, title and all, was upcoming. I’m a planner.

April Fools aside, I hadn’t really been commenting lately on the episodes until this past week. As I explained both there, and in other comments on “The Package” (as well as my one fake post), I am over trying to figure it all out. At this point, it seems like it is better to just see what happens. We know they won’t answer everything, so why ask more questions. That’s not to say I won’t be shocked about some things that still happen, which is what prompted a post out of me this time, nor will I not be interested in what others ponder about island happenings. No, I am simply just sitting back and watching the show, and Ed’s merry band of Lostralians, without a care in the world. Kind of like Sayid.

That might not be a good thing.

That said,  since I did post something and because Illana met a horrible, unexpected end, she is my pick this week.

Lost april fools

This year I supported Ed in another dastardly plan to fool the world on the first day of April. You may remember in past years such support came via e-mail or comments on a post over on his blog or setting up some real ads followed by fake ads on that same blog.

Those were pretty easy to do, but this year, in order to really pull off my role, I had to suffer thru a full half hour of NCIS: Los Angeles as research. Furthermore, and inexplicably, I sat thru the following FULL hour of The Good Wife because I happened to catch the Man in Black on it. Well, at least that little bit of serendipity was worth it.

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Year in consumables: 2009 movies

Star Trek posterEvery year it seems I debate how to approach this list. Is it based on the movies from the year that I actually viewed during that year? Any movie I viewed that year? Any movie that came out in that year that I have seen as of the date this is posted?

Traditionally it is the first of those choices and I double checked last year’s post and that’s what I did. I guess I can stick with tradition, but it kind of sucks. I can tell you right now that the best movie I watched during 2009 was Slumdog Millionaire, but that came out in late 2008. The best movie I have seen from 2009 was The Hurt Locker, but that was this past January (2010). Both would top the list for their given year of release, but that’s not how I am doing the list. That’s the rub.

Besides Locker, I have also watched eight other movies from 2009 this year, and yes, some of those wou... Continue reading »

Lost: The Lighthouse

Thoughts are up on The Ed Zone. Not many thoughts this week. Not many women this week either. Game says: Kate. She was the only woman on, right? What? You think feral Claire was a woman? Hahahaha…