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Twenty K

I magically hit the 20k gamerscore mark early this morning.

Gamerscore on 08.11.08

Okay, it wasn’t magic at all, but was with a sorta magical game… okay… a game with a small magical component… yeah… anyway, I had just defeated Ninja Gaiden II and was left just 30 points shy of 20k. My choice was simple, but completely ridiculous, get the Mission pack and complete 4 Karma Attack missions for the nice, round 30 I needed. Done and done. (More later on why this was ridiculous.)

Meanwhile, Ed blew past this mark long ago. In fact, that was his goal for the year and he smashed thru it roughly a third of the way in having already added 10k this year alone! He’s going to hit 30k by year end and I’m still going to shoot for my 24k mark.

He might be why I haven’t done one of these in awhile… due to my shame in not keeping pace with the father of two, husband of one, owner of two (might be other way around), full-time office drone and homeowner. I know he sleeps in there somewhere when also not gaming or writing reviews for Avault and posts for The Ed Zone. Amazing.


Red Ring of Death+2

Another one bites the dust.

At first, I thought The Simpsons Game was just glitching when Lisa blew a Saxophone attack and Marge was coming back to health. Then, it froze again on another big, loud event a minute after I started playing again. That was an exploding car. The third time happened about 10 seconds after I fired it up. The fourth power on was greeted with the Red Ring of Death.

Apparently this animal is not in danger of extinction.

Now, the current system was *manufactured* on 2007-08-23, therefore it has the older 90nm Zephyr chipset. It was the replacement for my first Red-ringed 360 last Fall. I have no idea what will be sent back this time, so tomorrow, I am going out to buy a Xbox 360 Arcade system. No, I am not playing GTA IV, I am playing The Simpsons Game (the one that revolves around Marge’s quest against an Itchy and Scratchy game of the same genre 😉 ) and Army of Two (with Ed) at the moment, but I am not waiting 3-4 weeks for a replacement given I use mine ... Continue reading »

Fourteen K

Well, I had to do some marathon gaming over my vacation, but I just got over my goal of 14k for the end of the year. Of course, trying to do so while playing Mass Effect will cause you to spend a lot of time getting points, but at least it is fun. I had to bust out Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga today to get 80 points to put me over the edge.

Gamerscore on 12.31.07

Anyway, both Ed and I busted over the 14k mark for the year, which was about an 11k (or so) increase for the year — probably really 10 months — and that is pretty awesome. Actually, I did it in less than that given I was sans 360 for about two more months due to being red ringed.

So, Ed’s goal is 20k by the end of 2008, which is very doable given what we did this year. I’m setting mine at 24k, which is a bit more aggressive, but then, I don’t have a Wii (or a life for that matter) to take away any time from gaming.

Twelve K

Well, Halo 3 has vaulted both Ed and I over the 12k Gamerscore mark almost three months earlier than our goal. I’m glad I was able to make it given I had no 360 for a month. Pretty cool.

Gamerscore on 10.12.2007

Ed, Jason and I completed the Halo 3 campaign cooperatively on Legendary this past Thursday night. That had me 40 points away from 12k and I picked up the Marathon Man achievement for exactly 40 on Friday. We have now moved on to playing the campaign again with the meta/scoring turned on to complete those achievements.


Sweeping out another month here. I started off stronger this month, but again, fell off with the posting. This was going to be a Sox-centric post, but let’s get some catching up out the way first since it has been two weeks since my last post.

Well, over those last two weeks, I have had to do a good amount of writing at work, so that saps my will to write here. While I don’t mind the occasional need to write a piece of technical documentation, mostly because I’m good at it, I must give kudos to the full-time technical writers out there. I don’t know how you don’t just drink yourselves into oblivion in preparation for work each day. Oh, wait… you probably do.

Anyway, today I had to update my appraisal/review form with my six month results towards my objectives. That’s fun. Especially since we’re really doing eighth month results… and, why am I writing this myself again? I’m sorry, but if I am a manager, there’s no way I have my folks doing this themselves. It is time better spent on their job and something... Continue reading »

Mistah 10k

Congratulations are in order for Mistah Plow as he ended last night’s Oblivion love-fest by getting an achievement worth 50 points and make his overall Gamerscore exactly 10,000. That’s pretty cool.

Gamerscore on 8.10.2007

Red ringed

Well, it finally got me. I am now a victim of the so-called Red Ring of Death.

Of course, this has already happened to both Ed and Jason, so it is not exactly new, just new to me. Kind of funny that it would happen just after I posted about going over 10k with my gamerscore and so did my Xbox. Of course, one wonders how it continues to post blog entries.

Perhaps it is when I can get it to run for a about a minute before it freezes. You see, after getting the ring, it hasn’t happened again, but it will freeze almost exactly a minute after booting up. I have tried the suggestions on support page for both issues with no joy. I am going to have to finally contact Microsoft about this as my hopes that... Continue reading »

Ten K

Just a little celebratory aside for breaking the 10k barrier with my Gamerscore. Ed and I both set goals of reaching 9k by August 1st. Well, we have both already reached that and I continued on to 10k last night after getting the 180 pt. achievement in Lego Star Wars II for completing the game 100%.

Gamerscore on 7.22.2007

I think we both believe that 12k is well within reach by the end of the year.

UPDATE: My 360 blogged a special post for itself as I hit this milestone.


This should have really happened long ago when Ed was without Xbox 360 for many months, but tonight I caught his Gamerscore by finishing off Pac-Man Championship Edition for 50 points after the two of us started in on Cloning Clyde. These are both Xbox Live Arcade games and we are now rocking them since there ain’t a lot going on in full-game-title-land these days.

At least we can play Clyde via co-op instead of him just listening to me curse up a storm while playing PMCE while he rocked it old shewel in DOOM. I’m pretty sure no game has ever made me curse as much as PMCE did. The game was a very cool spin-off of the original, complete with a trippin techno themed soundtrack, but sometimes it was frustrating as all get out.

Of course, with Ed headed out of town for a week of vacation, I’m going to pull ahead for awhile, but I am sure he’ll hunker down to get back on top once he is back. There’s always the King Kong or NBA 2k6 rental for an easy grand in points.

Gamerscore on 6.23.2007

Gamerscore on 6.23.2007

Dark side OB1

Just like Evil plow, look what my Xbox Live Gamerscore ended at last night after some good Premium Downloadable Content Crackalackin…

Gamerscore on 6.9.2007

Another little gaming oddity from last night was I played the original GRAW — I am trying to get the Achievements for playing thru a second time on Hard — and noticed that the date of the mission was 6.8.2007. Any chance a revolution started in Mexico yesterday?