April 2007

This is a list of posts published in April 2007.

Lost: Catch-22

Ed has posted about the Desmond-centric episode, Catch-22. It features the origin of “Brother” and a lovely appearance by the dear Penny.

You know I can no longer write one of these without mentioning one of the ladies, right? It’s a joke at this point… I’m not a drooling fanboy… okay, maybe a little bit, but at least I’m not trolling message boards… yet.

Anyway, there’s also a bit of Photoshop action that even Michael Scott could do a better job of…

Brady to Moss

So, the Patriots did the unthinkable and traded for one of the baddest bad boys in the NFL, Randy Moss. If this works out because Randy can keep his nose clean and mouth shut, then barring injury, they look to be SB faves to me. Last year we had almost nothing at WR, now we have them up the ass with Moss, Stallworth, Welker, Washington and Gaffney. I left Caldwell off there because he dropped those easy balls against the Colts… oh, and his eyes still freak me out!

Anyway, here’s hoping Rodney can make Moss drink the Kool Aid like he did with Dillon. At the very least, they’ll increase their merchandising revenue even more by selling Moss jerseys. I’ll be at the home opener versus the Chargers and I’m about the same amount excited, which is very.


As you may have begun to notice, I get my entertainment news in two forms, my copy of Entertainment Weekly and an E! Online portlet/gadget/widget on my Google page.

Anyway, E! Online is providing me with news of a Magneto solo flick spin-off from the X-Men movies. Set to be an origin piece, this is the way to go for sure. Heck, McKellen might pass on by the time they make it… (that’s not very nice). The Magneto origin is a good one to appeal to a wide audience and exploring his early relationship with Xavier is something that I have always found interesting in the books.

I’m more interested in seeing this spin-off than the Wolverine one.

Angry Alec

I’m sorry that Alec Baldwin went off on his daughter via voice-mail and it was subsequently leaked to the press… but, why does it have to mean an end to his wonderful stint on NBC’s recently renewed 30 Rock? For all we know, he already wanted out before this happened, but if it helped nudge him, then that sux.

I watch the show for his performance alone — I am willing to bet so don’t a lot of other folks — so does NBC keep him locked knowing that fact, thus leading to bad shows, or let him out and try to replace him? When has that ever worked? If he’s out, NBC would be better off reneging on the deal.

UPDATE: A comment is brewing from me, but I figured I’d post a follow up that E! has posted about Baldwin’s appearance on The View and some stuff that Dr. Phil guy had to say on the matter…

Annual jam

I found myself blasting thru my Pearl Jam catalog yesterday starting at work, continuing on the drive home and a late evening completion. Interrupted only by a break for Lost, natch.  It reminded me of the posts I wrote last year about PJ and my subsequent calling out by PJ zealots on some message board.

So, I looked in the archives and wouldn’t you know that it was a year and a day since I posted the infamous Pearl Jam = Crap post. Weird.

Oh… and I skipped No Code.

Four jacks

Juice sent a link out via e-mail tonight and I figured I’d post it — you need to read the full post to get the link — for the two of you probably not on his e-mail list. It is the new SportsCenter clip of David Ortiz and Jorge Posada. If it isn’t the first video in the player/list, look for it. It is entitled “Betrayal.” Wally’s reaction is priceless.

I almost wish I didn’t see this, because while funny and clever, it is a little disturbing. I mean, the thought that Papi thought it was okay to ever put on a Yankee cap, whether for fun or not, isn’t sitting well with me. Good thing for us he’ll never wear one where it counts.

Anyone else see the irony of a DH giving hat advice to a catcher? He’s the only other guy not wearing a hat full-time since he never sees the field (outside an interleague game).

For a little payback, I’d like to see Jason Giambi trying to give Jason Varitek advice on hats…... Continue reading »

ATHF: Movie film for DVD

I had a good chuckle reading this week’s Entertainment Weekly. They had the stats for last week’s film box office takes and the ATHF flick only managed $3 mil. Well, what was [adultswim] expecting? This should have been straight to DVD. I heard nothing but bad buzz for it beforehand, Mooninite Massacre aside (although I guess you can count that as bad too), and somehow the reviews were mixed?

Okay, I say that having read two… EW giving it a B- and Ty Burr giving it one star in the Boston Globe. Burr may go a little heavy on the stoner vibe — probably more a point for Swim’s latest crap than ATHF — but he has a point. No one outside of regular viewers were ever going to see this in theaters, so why didn’t they just go straight to DVD? I guess they probably got the $3 mil for free as those same goers will opt for the DVD as well, but still… I don’t want to wait (if it turns out to be good).

Oh… and no, I’m not playing along with their joke with my title…

Lost: One of Us

It bears repeating here since this is how my comments have been going lately, but Juliet is “now my favorite island hottie by far, but she did make me puke in my mouth a little bit by being in bed with Goodwin.”

Read the rest of my more intelligent — maybe — comments on this episode over on The Ed Zone.

Live redesign redux

The live redesign I spoke of way back when I slapped my ZonEd template on the OB1og has finally begun. I stalled out on it because I found I liked the massaged template a bit too much to mess with it. So yesterday, I dressed things down to get this moving again… or started. Whatevs.

What you see here is the basic structure I’ll likely stick with for the blog post list, pages and posts. I’m sure more color and design elements will make their way in here, but what I am stuck on now is: To Home Page or Not To Home Page.

By that I mean, should the first page in be more like a traditional home page chock full of all the extra goodies and widgets that you don’t care about, or should it just be what it is right now?

What do you think? Leave a comment.

Lost: Left Behind

If you read the previous Aside, I go on about the Women of Lost. Well, this episode features a little mud wrestling between Kate and Juliet… Mmm… what was I saying?