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Annual jam

I found myself blasting thru my Pearl Jam catalog yesterday starting at work, continuing on the drive home and a late evening completion. Interrupted only by a break for Lost, natch.  It reminded me of the posts I wrote last year about PJ and my subsequent calling out by PJ zealots on some message board.

So, I looked in the archives and wouldn’t you know that it was a year and a day since I posted the infamous Pearl Jam = Crap post. Weird.

Oh… and I skipped No Code.

Year in consumables: 2006 music

Empire by KasabianI know that most people like to read year in review stuff at the end of December or early January, but I’m a procrastinator, so mine comes out in February.

This list focuses on the discs released in 2006 that I consumed, but I’ll also post on flicks and games later in the week. Those are nice, short ones that can be done on a school night.

So, my main justification behind waiting a bit is because sometimes, not often, but sometimes a disc comes out at the end of the year and it needs to get its due before you make up a list. I could stick it on the next year’s list, but then that doesn’t feel right, even if I didn’t pick it up until that year. So, I’m going to follow the tradition of ranking them for the year they came out.

Yeah, that’s right… even though the title talks about 2006 consumption, I’m only counting the discs released in 2006, you know… just to confuse you. I consumed... Continue reading »

U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, A, B, Select, Start

I just picked up the new Deftones disc tonight and it is the title of the sixth track. I’m sure some of you can easily identify where that title originated. Freakin cool…

Hiro’s iTunes

Anyone else upgrade to iTunes 7.0.2 on Windows yesterday and also get stuck with the Japanese version of the iTunes Store? Not that I really ever buy anything from it — I still like buying reflective plastic — but everything is in Yen so I wouldn’t know what it really cost anyway. I can guess that 150 Yen = 99 cents though.

Too bad I didn’t end up with the British version of it. If I did, I could grab some mad imports. Oh wells.

I also lost some album art due to the upgrade. They can never seem to get this right. I am always losing album art for no good reason.

Summer Shudder

Nantucket Sound Sunset Well, the title of this post should have been the title of the previous post, but I just wasn’t paying close enough attention. A lot of the time I try to come up with clever titles that play on words and stuff like that and I am sure I am not in the minority there. Look no further than Ed as he consistently comes up with great title posts. Then you have Jason, who usually has me running straight for

However, when I’m not feeling clever, I try to find a song title that fits my posting topic in some way. Well, I got stuck on Consumed Summer because I was going to write about stuff I had consumed ov... Continue reading »

Consumed Summer

Well, Labor Day is in the rear view mirror, football season has started and the hot coffee to iced coffee ratio is starting to go up. Even though Autumn doesn’t officially start until next week, it sure has felt like it for a while now. I’m sure that has more to do with the terrible weather we have had since August — I think last Saturday was the first day I had the top down on the Jeep since early-to-mid August — than the rapid fall from the playoff chase of the Sox, but I have been anxious for the Fall as it is my favorite season of the year. However, before I go on about that, I thought it would be nice to do a wrap-up of Summer consumables like music, movies, sports and whatever else that sticks out. For the sake of most things, I am going to go with the unofficial dates of Summer and say it starts Memorial Day weekend and ends Labor Day weekend (when it comes to movies, the studios want you to believe Summer starts May 1st). Anyway, between that time I consumed 29 discs and half of them stand out in my mind for different reasons. Five for being incredibly... Continue reading »

‘Til Tuesday

I was having a hard time with a title for this post, so I went with ‘Til Tuesday because I can’t wait for Tuesday. A few things are going happen on Tuesday. It’s the start of August and I’ll be going to the Sox game with Joe, but most importantly, I am going to have me some coffee.

Yup, I’m done with my coffee *boycott* and will be back on the wagon after a five week layoff. I am going to celebrate with a large iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts in the afternoon. I think I am going to continue to not drink it in the morning though. I don’t know why either. What do you think?

So, you all remember ‘Til Tuesday right? A band out of Boston that hit in the late 80’s with “Voices Carry” and fronted by the beautiful and talented Aimee Mann? Well, my Uncle Chris likes to recount the tale that I once held the back door open for her and the band at the In-Square Men’s Bar which used to be in Cambridge. I was most likely in the back playing Star War... Continue reading »

More Generic Radio

I finally took the time tonight to type up the playlist for this show as I noted in my original Generic Radio post. You can find the playlist under the Audio section of the site. It’s worth a read because I quickly tell the story of how Ed and I met and you can also see what a complete dork I was back in HS, even if I still am now.

I doubt there’d be much demand for it, but it would be kinda cool to put together a podcast of this show, complete with my horrible DJ banter. Of course, I could always just play the tunes and update the talk in between the tunes.

Nah, you don’t want your ears to bleed.

Another Gammons Update

Never Slow Down, Never Grow Old album coverPeter Gammons was released from the hospital today and will be going to a rehab center to continue his recovery. There are multiple outlets for the story, but today we’ll go with the one on his employer’s site.

Funny enough, the story isn’t correctly updated as it states (at the time of this writing) that his CD, Never Slow Down, Never Grow Old, is scheduled for release next week when it actually came out two weeks ago. I finally picked it up yesterday and I am on my second spin as I write this. It is pretty good. Mostly covers and very rock-a-billy or blues sounding and Peter is sporting a good singing voice. His voice reminds me a lot of someone else, but since I ... Continue reading »

Pearl Jammed

Live at Easy Street album cover

Yesterday, the OB1og got hit pretty good — for me anyway — by a bunch of Pearl Jam fanatics after someone posted links to my two PJ posts on the forums. Seems like those that posted back came away with the idea I hate PJ. What up with that?

So, I registered for the forum so I could post a response, but it took 24 hours to finally get thru moderation, etc. Anyway, read for yourself here…

Also, I’m listening to Live at Easy Street as I type this. This is the disc with the John Doe appearance; it is pretty good and cheap to boot.