February 2007

This is a list of posts published in February 2007.

CompUSA closing

Wow… this actually bums me out. I still go in there to buy shiznit for my computer. The selection at the local BestBuy or Circuit City is usually pretty crap unless they are running a deal.

Less hands-on and more on-line shopping in the future I guess…

Scooby’s last bite?

The Scooby Speak domain is going to expire on March 3rd and I have no intention of renewing it, at least out of my own pocket. If, by some miracle, there is public outcry to preserve this neglected domain, speak your mind here.

As for the content and blog, I’ll likely not get around to moving it to my someword.com domain — maybe scooby.someword.com — until over the coming weekend. Again, if there’s no public outcry to preserve it, maybe I won’t bother…

Live redesign

I am going to be working on a live redesign of the OB1og for, well… as long as it takes I guess.

You see, part of the reason I wasn’t writing much, other than what I mentioned in The Blog Identity, was I was pretty sick of looking at the site design. When I started this thing, I had planned on doing it over at least every six months. But once it was up and running I let it go longer than that because the design was, IMHO, a pretty simple and good one.

So, as a way of getting around not making a change sooner, I thought that changing colors as the seasons progressed would give it a slight kick, but it really didn’t do much for me. When I took the time to bust out something new for The Ed Zone, I couldn’t help finally doing something here.

Since ZonEd 2.0 came out so well, again IMHO, I am going to use it to start off OB1og 2.0. There’s a lot I like about this design and a... Continue reading »

Year in consumables: 2006 movies

Casino Royale teaser posterContinuing my late entry into the traditional year-end slash year-in-review lists, I present my list of flicks for 2006.

If you are interested in my list of music, then click that link and I promise my list of games will be out later this week. If I don’t have it done by the end of February, then why bother?

Whether it be in the theater or on DVD, I hardly took in any movies this past year. To that end, I actually reopened my Netflix account two weeks ago, but that doesn’t help this list. I think I am going to start logging movies I have flixed as such on the blog because it might be interesting to track how many I actually take in over the course of a year… well, interesting to me anyway.

I’m going to give you a top five, but that’s not saying much since I probably only saw ten movies... Continue reading »


I got an e-mail from jetBlue today and this was the content. You just don’t see much of this these days.

While they did drop the ball, kudos on the quick response to apologize and try to make good.

The blog identity

Hmm… I had been waiting for my one hundredth post to roll around with the hopes of having something special to write for you, but that just isn’t going to be the case.

If you haven’t guessed, this is my 100th post (195 posts minus 95 Asides), which to me is quite amazing considering it came in less than a year and I’m not exactly a writer. But then, I guess that’s what actually got me to finally writing this post and maybe it will be something special, or maybe just different.

Back when this blog started with Walk This World, I told you I wasn’t a writer, yet, that’s what I think I found myself trying to be much of the time. Trying to write game, movie, music, comics or television *reviews* like I was some kind of pajama journalist/critic.

I suppose doing that kind of thing gave me an excuse to post something, but it is definitely not a strong point and that is why I have abandoned that kind of thing over... Continue reading »

Lost heroes

Last night’s episode of Heroes was written by Jeph Loeb. Mr. Loeb is a kick ass comic book writer, but also a former Supervising Producer on Lost.

Anyway, not only did the episode feature a cameo by the main Marvel man, Stan Lee, but this nod to Lost by Nathan Petrelli:

“I’d round us all up. Stick us in a lab on some… island in the middle of the ocean.”

A sly nod to all the island’s inhabitants having power like Desmond?

Lost: Flashes Before Your Eyes

Almost a week later, I have posted my comments on this episode over on Ed’s post at The Ed Zone. I don’t know if it is because of the brain cramp Desmond’s story is causing or the fact that he has the same 25 year-old microwave that I do…

Carl answers ur mobile

Our favorite ATHF next door neighbor could soon be answering your mobile or alerting you to an incoming call.

First, this sounds very cool from a technology perspective, but second, this is going to be friggin fun…

Year in consumables: 2006 music

Empire by KasabianI know that most people like to read year in review stuff at the end of December or early January, but I’m a procrastinator, so mine comes out in February.

This list focuses on the discs released in 2006 that I consumed, but I’ll also post on flicks and games later in the week. Those are nice, short ones that can be done on a school night.

So, my main justification behind waiting a bit is because sometimes, not often, but sometimes a disc comes out at the end of the year and it needs to get its due before you make up a list. I could stick it on the next year’s list, but then that doesn’t feel right, even if I didn’t pick it up until that year. So, I’m going to follow the tradition of ranking them for the year they came out.

Yeah, that’s right… even though the title talks about 2006 consumption, I’m only counting the discs released in 2006, you know… just to confuse you. I consumed... Continue reading »